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Recent and Pending Presentations

(L to R) Burt Drayer, MD, FACR Chairman of Radiology Mount Sinai, 
Arkadiy Kheyfits '20, Cherisse Wada '20, Charles Hua '19, 
and Nolan Kagetsu, MD, FACR 
TMII Symposium, New York, NY. April 2017.

(L to R) David Widman, Sagar Shah '19, and Alexander Kagen, MD
 8th Annual Medical Imaging Technology Showcase, March 2017 Washington, D.C.

Resident names and awards are in BOLD 

Perez L, Patel A, Kheyfits A, Hua C, Friedman A, Dreifuss R. Central Line Infections: The Beginning of the End? (Quality Storyboard, accepted for presentation). RSNA, Chicago, IL. November 2017.

Chundru KK, Zink S, Perez L. NYC Bicycle Trauma: Historical Review and Analysis of Trends. (Scientific Presentation, accepted for presentation). RSNA, Chicago, IL, November 2017.

Roudenko A, Furlan A, Wanless I, Kagen AC, Fowler KJ, Theise N et al. LI-RADS Radiology – Pathology Working Group: Building a Bridge Towards Standardized Terminology (Education Exhibit, accepted for presentation). RSNA Chicago, IL November 2017

Du LH, Chatterji M, Kagetsu NJ, Delman BN.  MACRA MIPS: What You Don’t Know Now Will Hurt You Later! (Education Exhibit, accepted for presentation). RSNA, Chicago, IL. November 2017.

Wada CA, Du LH, Koney NO, Roudenko A, Bahl S, Ro M, Zink SI, Verzosa S. The Radiologist Will See You Now!  Our Institution’s Experiences Creating a Diagnostic Radiology Clinic (Education Exhibit, accepted for presentation). RSNA, Chicago, IL. November 2017.

Gunio D, Jun S, Irish R. Hamstrung?! MRI Evaluation of the Anatomy and Injuries of the Hamstring Muscle Complex (HMC). (Educational Exhibit). ARRS, New Orleans, LA. May 2017. 

Hua C, Wada CA, Perez L, Patel A, Bahl S, Koney N, Olivieri B, Syed M, Dreifuss R, Friedman A. Evaluating risk factors associated with CT-guided biopsy related pneumothorax.(Poster Presentation) 7th Annual Translational and Molecular Imaging Institute Symposium. (TMII), New York, NY. April 2017. 

Shah S, Kagen AC. "Dynamic Chest X-ray Imaging: One Exam, One Visit, Loaded with Information." (Educational Exhibit). The Academy for Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Research, Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. March 2017.

Hua C, Patel A, Perez L, Wada CA, Dreifuss R, Friedman A. Effectiveness of biopsy tract plug device on CT guided lung biopsy complications. SIR, Washington D.C. March 2017.

Du LH, Li B, Kagetsu NJ. Hospital Compare: Why Should We Care? (Educational Exhibit, CERTIFICATE OF MERIT). RSNA, Chicago, IL, November 2016.

Chundru KK, Ro M, Benitez CL.  Knee-Cap Know How: A Profusion of Patellar Pathology. (Educational Exhibit). RSNA, Chicago, IL, November 2016.

Jun S, Neymotin AY, Kagetsu NJ. Do Not Panic!! Radiology Mass Casualty Incident Response Plans (Electronic Exhibit), ASER, San Francisco, CA, Sept 2016

Li B, Kagetsu NJ. Hospital Compare: Be Aware!  (Electronic Exhibit), ARRS, Los Angeles, CA, April 2016

Koney NO, Moran C, Dreifuss R. Friedman A, Siberzweig J. Room for Improvement: Adherence to UAE Standards of Practice Guidelines. (Oral Presentation). SIR, Vancouver BC, April 2016 DOI:

Perez L, Chundru K, Huang A, Syed M, Kagetsu NJ. Diversity and Imaging 3.0: Is There an Alliance? (Poster presentation) AUR SanDiego, CA March 29-Apr 1, 2016

Yoon DJKoney NO, Tam JA, Golbey SH, Zink SI. Practical Approach to Understanding the Basic Foundations of Imaging Informatics: A Beginner's Primer. (Education ExhibitRSNA, Chicago, IL. 2015

Mahmood  SA,  Kochak Yazdi L, Hayim M. "How Dangerous is Radiation Exposure during Pregnancy?: A Review of Current Guidelines and Common Misconceptions". ( Electronic Education Exhibit).  RSNA, Chicago, IL, 2015.

Bahl S, Friedman A, Dreifuss RM, Syed MKoney NOSingh D.  Close the Umbrella: Challenges and Benefits of an IVC Filter Retrieval Protocol.  (Education Exhibit) RSNA, Chicago, IL.  2015.

Bahl S, Friedman A, Shams JN, Steer S.  Embolization of a Type II Endoleak Using Onyx. (Education Exhibit) RSNA, Chicago, IL.  2015.

Shah AKoney NO, Kagetsu NJ, Gorovoy DS. Do I Need a Lawyer? Demystifying the ABR Audit (Education Exhibit) RSNA, Chicago, IL 2015.

Eng HY, Bansal AG, Rosenberg HK. Sonography of the Infant Spine: What You Need to Know. (Education Exhibit). RSNA, Chicago, IL. 2015.

Kochak Yazdi LRoudenko A, Mannan A, Theise N, Kagen AC. Hepatocellular and Cholangiocellular Carcinoma: A Spectrum of Disease. (Education Exhibit). RSNA, Chicago, IL. 2015.

Kochak Yazdi LMahmood SASyed M. Kagetsu NJ. Radiology. What a pain in the back! (Education Exhibit). RSNA, Chicago, IL. 2015.

Roudenko AKoney N, Ro MBahl S. Kagen AC. Radiology: Has the time come for increasing patient interaction? (Scientific Poster). RSNA, Chicago, IL. 2015.

Huang A, Kagen AC. Rocking the iRads: Reporting and Data Systems. (Education exhibit). RSNA, Chicago, IL. 2015.

Evans AJ, Patel SMChoi JJChung M, Knutson N, Mustafa AA, Dixon MJ, Kagetsu NJ. Fogging Artifact in Postoperative Radiographs in Lung Cancer Patients post Sublobar Resection and Brachytherapy: Recognition and Prevention. (Scientific Poster). RSNA, Chicago, IL 2015. 

Bahl S, Shah S, Benitez C. Dictation Downtime? Grab your Smartphone! (Poster Presentation) NYMIIS  NY, NY September 21, 2015. 

Neymotin AYRo M, Hayim M, Kagetsu NJ. Intracranial Hyperdensity: It’s Not All Acute Hemorrhage. (educational poster). American Society of Emergency Radiology, Key Biscayne, Miami, FL, Sep 16-19 2015.

Mahmood SAKoney NO, Heller G. Imaging of the macrocephalic pediatric patient. (educational exhibit). American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR). Chicago, Il. April 2015.

Neymotin AYRo MEng HY, Lefton DR. Mimics of Head and Neck Vascular Lesions in the Pediatric Population.  American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR), Chicago, IL, Apr 2015. 

Patel SMHuang A, Delara F, Lefton DR. Imaging spectrum of Intramedullary Lesions. American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR), Chicago, IL, April 2015.

Ro M, Meltzer D.  Review of MRI Imaging of Retained Intraspinal Bullet Fragments.  American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR), Chicago, IL, Apr 2015. 

Starc MT, Shah A, Kagetsu NJ. Lessons Learned from the Aviation Industry: The Incorporation of “Near Miss” Reporting into Resident Neuroradiology Education.  (electronic presentation)  American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR), Chicago, IL, Apr 2015. 

Eng HYChoi JJLi B, Benitez CL. Fix Those Bones: What Every Radiologist Should Know about Orthopedic Hardware. (poster presentation) AUR, New Orleans, LA. April 2015.

Li BChoi JJEng HY, Kagetsu NJ, Manghisi S. Breast Imaging Quality Metrics Made Ridiculously Simple. (poster presentation) AUR, New Orleans, LA. April 2015.

Choi JJLi BEng HY, Kagetsu NJ, Manghisi S. Breast Density Notification Legislation: What Now and What Next. (poster presentation) AUR, New Orleans, LA. April 2015.

Teng M, Hang RK, Cooke K. A Resident's Approach to Performing and Interpreting Wrist Ultrasound. (poster Presentation) AUR, New Orleans, LA. April 2015.

Hang RKTeng MYoon D, Cooke K. Systematic Approach to Musculoskeletal US Imaging of the Elbow. (poster Presentation) AUR, New Orleans, LA. April 2015.

Chung MSMirtcheva-Trocheva RM. Don’t Ignore the “N” in TNM: A Primer for the Evaluation of Thoracic Lymph Nodes with PET/CT (poster Presentation) AUR, New Orleans, LA. April 2015.

Syed M, Shukla P, Halpert E, Bahl SUtilizing 3-D Fluoroscopic Imaging Techniques in Musculoskeletal Oncologic Intervention. Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR), Atlanta, GA, Feb 28-Mar 3, 2015.

Syed M, Shukla P, Halpert E. Targeted Radiofrequency Ablation & Cement Augmentation of Metastatic Vertebral Lesions Using 3D Fluoroscopic Imaging (accepted for presentation,  CIO 2015 Atlanta, GA, Jan 31-Feb 1 2015.

Zhang YC, Koney NO, Zaretsky E, Ghesani M, Depuey EG, Kagen AC. Clinical Relevance of Emerging Molecular Imaging Modalities in Prostate Cancer. (Electronic presentation), RSNA, Chicago, IL. 2014

Koney NOSyed M, Ghesani MV, Kagetsu NJ. Practical and Interactive Approach to ACGME Health Economics Requirements: A Resident Primer. RSNA, Chicago, IL. 2014 CUM LAUDE AWARD

Li B, Shanbhogue AK, Menias CO, Tao TY, Sheybani EF, Verma S. Congenital, Developmental, and Inherited Small Bowel Diseases in Adults: From Pathophysiology to Imaging and Beyond! (Electronic Exhibit). RSNA, Chicago, IL. 2014

Chen KS, Gold E, Norrel M, Kagetsu NJ. CT Parameters and Image Quality: A Pictoral Essay (Poster Presentation) RSNA, Chicago IL 2014

Ro M, Mijangos S, Irish R, Benitez CL. Non-Neoplastic Masses of the Hand and Wrist. (Electronic education exhibit), RSNA, Chicago, IL. 2014 

Chen KS, Altschul D, Guitierrez-Ortega S, Paramasivan S, Fifi J, Berenstein A. Capillary Malformation Arteriovenous Malformation Syndrome and severe Hemophilia B in an infant: Case report of staged treatment. Society of Vascular Interventional Neurology. Hollywood, FL. November 2014.

Shwe Y, Guitierrez-Ortega S, Kim J, Chen KS, Altschul D, Paramasivan S, Berenstein A, Fifi J.  General Anesthetic Use and Clopiogrel Resistance During Neurovascular Stenting Procedures.  Society of Vascular Interventional Neurology.  Hollywood, FL.  November 2014.

Lonner B, Marks M, Bastrom T, Newton P, Betz R, Samdani A, Chen KS, Lefton D. Radiographic markers of disc degeneration following surgery for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: a ten year follow-up evaluation. (Oral Presentation), International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques. Valencia, Spain. July 2014. 

Zhang YC, Meltzer DE, Holliday RA.  "Sideways": Utility of Sagittal MD Computed Tomography Imaging of the Temporal Bone. (Electronic Exhibit), American Society of Neuroradiology. Montreal, Canada.  May 19-22, 2014.

Chen KS, Paramasivan S, Altschul D, Ortega Guitierrez S, Fifi J, Berenstein A. Pediatric neurointervention:radiation exposure associated lifetime excess brain tumor risk. (Poster presentation), American Society of Neuroradiology. Montreal,Canada. May 19-22, 2014. 

Neymotin AYHang R, Meltzer DE, Lefton D. A Case-Based Review of Lesions Affecting the Lower Brainstem in the Adult and Pediatric Populations. Poster presentation, American Society of Neuroradiology, Montreal, Canada, May 19-22, 2014.

Hang RKNeymotin AY, Lefton DR, Meltzer DE. Imaging Review of Basal Ganglia and Thalamic Lesions. (Poster presentation), American Society of Neuroradiology, Montreal, Canada, May 19-22, 2014.

Park JTeng M, Cooke K.  Radiologic Preoperative/Postoperative Evaluation of Total Knee Arthroplasties: What Should Radiologists Know? (Electronic Exhibit).  American Roentgen Ray Society. San Diego, CA.  May 4-9, 2014.

Syed M,  Koney N,  Ghesani M,  Kagetsu NJ.  The Radiology Revenue Cycle:  A Primer for Residents.  (Poster)   ACR Annual Meeting and Chapter Leadership Conference, Washington, DC., April 26-30 2014. 

Syed MHang RK, Kagetsu NJ. The Era of Overnight Attending Coverage: A Challenge for Resident Education (Poster Exhibit). Association of University Radiologists, Baltimore, MD, Apr 1-4, 2014.

Hang RKPatel SM, Lempert L. The Talus: Reviewing the Spectrum of Pathologies- Traumatic and Atraumatic (Poster Exhibit). Association of University Radiologists, Baltimore, MD, Apr 1-4, 2014.

Li BEng HY, Handler B. How to Have Perfect Aim: The Radiology Resident’s Guide to Ultrasound Guided Breast Biopsy (Poster Presentation). Association of University Radiologists Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD. April 1-4, 2014. 

Moran CJ,  Syed M,   Carrick M,  Halpert E.  Putting a New Spin On Percutaneous Kyphoplasty: Reducing Fluoroscopy Time and Dose by Utilizing Fluoroscopic Computed Tomography with  3-Dimensional Image Reconstruction.  (Poster)   American Society of Spine Radiology, Miami, FL, Feb. 13-16. 2014

Kagen AC, Nwoke F, Starc MT, Silberzweig JE, Abiri MM.  Pre and Post Rotation Quizzes: Can Radiology Resident Progress on the Virtual Body MRI Rotation Be Documented Quantitatively? (Education Exhibit LL-HPE2015) RSNAChicago, IL. Dec 2013.

Teng MStarc MT, Benitez C.  Posterior Medial Meniscal Root Avulsion Tears Education Exhibit LL-MKE2087, RSNA. Chicago, IL. Dec 2013.

Li B, Kagetsu NJ. The Magnificent 7: Quality Tools Every Radiologist Should Know.  (Education Exhibit), RSNA, Chicago, IL, Dec 2013.

Gonzales JP, Silberzweig JE, Chung MS. Informed Consent in Interventional Radiology: A Multimedia Education Tool for Radiology Residents. (Education Exhibit), RSNA, Chicago, IL, Dec 2013.

Singh VBangiyev L, Shah A, Chen D, Linden CN. Meningiomas: Syndromes and Symptoms: Variations in Meningioma Presentations (Education Exhibit), RSNA, Chicago, IL, Dec 2013.

Steer S, Wallis S, Patel R. Climbing the Learning Curve: Lessons Learned with Balloon-occluded Retrograde Transvenous Obliteration (BRTO) of Gastric Varices. RSNA, Chicago, IL, Dec 2013.

Zhang YC, Chandler AJ, Kagetsu NJ. Minimizing iatrogenic meningitis and spinal headache: current practice patterns of neuroradiologists in the academic setting. (Oral Presentation), RSNA. Chicago, IL.  Dec 4, 2013.

Shwe Y, Ortega-Guitierrez S, Altschul D, Chen KS, Fifi, J, Paramasivan S, Berenstein A. Comparison of largevessel stroke patient outcomes before and after initiation of on-site endovascular stroke treatment services.(Poster presentation), Society of Vascular Interventional Neurology. Houston, TX. October 24-27,  2013. 

Starc MTZhang YC, Maccarrone V. Cutaneous malignant melanoma: a spectrum of disease uniquely suited for evaluation with FDG PET/CT (Poster Presentation), SCBTMR. Tucson, AZ, Oct 12-16. 2013.

Zhang YC, Starc MT, Maccarrone V. 4D flow MR renography: a noninvasive technique for evaluation of renal arterial vasculature with application to renal transplant imaging (Poster Presentation), SCBTMR. Tucson, AZ, Oct 12-16,  2013.

Patel SM, Shatzkes D, Meltzer D. Imaging Spectrum of the Masticator Space: A Pictorial Essay. ASHNR, Milwaukee, WI, Sep 2013  

Hang R, Delara F, Kagetsu NJ.  First Cut Image Pathology: What Lies Beneath. ASHNR, Milwaukee, WI, Sep 2013 

Park JChung MS, Teixeira J, Baer J, Frager D.  CT Findings of Internal Hernia After Gastric Bypass That May Precede Small Bowel Obstruction (Electronic Exhibit).  American College of Radiology Annual Meeting and Chapter Leadership Conference, Washington DC.  May 2013

Park J, Kagetsu NJ.  Pitfalls/Perils of Cross-Sectional Imaging: 40 Years of Mimics. (Poster Presentation).  ASNR, San Diego, CA. May 2013

Chung MS, Park  J, Valencia  H, Lefton D, Grossman J A. Absence of a Cervical Nerve Root Mimicking Erb’s Palsy in a Two-Month-Old Girl. (Electronic Exhibit), American Society of Neuroradiology ASNR , San Diego, CA. May 2013

Singh V, Reede DL, Smoker WRK. “Do You See What I See? Visual Field Deficits from Lesions along the Visual Pathway.” ASNR. San Diego, CA. May 2013.

Chen D, Singh V, Guha-Thakurta N, Reede DL, Smoker WRK. “Where Do They Go? Common Pathways of Disease Spread in the Head and Neck.” (1) American Society of Neuroradiology 50th Annual Meeting. New York, NY. April 2012.  (2) Radiological Society of North America 98th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting.  Chicago, IL. November 2012. Certificate of Merit. (3) American Roentgen Ray Society Annual Meeting. Washington, DC. April 2013. ARRS 2013 Gold Medal

Chung MS, Cooke K, Ghesani M, Abiri M. Piloting a New Body MR Imaging Resident Rotation: A Virtual Environment for Interactive Learning. (Electronic Presentation), AUR, Los Angeles, CA. April 2013

Zhang YC, Chandler A, Kagetsu NJ.  Best Practices for Lumbar Punctures and Myelograms: A Guide for Radiology Residents. (Poster Presentation), AUR, Los Angeles, CA, April 2013

Ho J, Handler BJ. Legislation Regarding Reporting of Dense Breast Tissue: What a Resident Needs to Know. AUR, Los Angeles, CA, April 2013