Medical Student Elective at Mount Sinai West


This elective is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of radiology and to the specialty areas in radiology. The students can rotate through  emergency radiology, muskuloskeletal imaging, neuroradiology, mammography, body CT, sonography, and nuclear medicine/PET CT. We can tailor the experience depending on the interests of the student.
We also offer the opportunity to spend time with our night attending (who start at 8 PM) to experience radiology as its practiced most of the day! The student is not expected to stay for the whole 8 PM to 8 AM shift. They could for example spend 4-11 PM in the department. This could be valuable to those considering pursuing a radiology residency. This is also valuable to see our perspective for most of the day.
These rotations are designed to offer an overview of the day-to-day function of radiology practice. Students will have an opportunity to see how studies are performed, attend conferences in the department, including those tailored to medical students. This rotation will provide a basic and sound foundation for the students’ future experience with radiology in medicine. For those that have not completed the CORE modules, this would be a good opportunity to complete modules with resident and faculty supervision.

The rotations are usually 2 weeks. The student is expected to give a presentation (interesting case, quality issue, specific clinical management issue) at the end of the rotation to the residents and program director.

Congratulations to MSSM student Shingo Kihira '17 on abstracts accepted to AUR 2017

Kihira S; Kagetsu NJ. Supplementation of Online Radiology Modules in Medical School Curriculum. (Poster presentation) AUR Hollywood, FL, 2017

Kihira S; Le TM, Kagetsu NJ. Parallel selection processes for medical school students and future radiologists. (Poster presentation) AUR Hollywood, FL, 2017