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R4 (fourth year) General Program Goals & Objectives

The fourth year is mostly an elective year. Residents should plan on completing their MSQA mammography requirement during this time if this was not completed in the R3 year. (240 mammogram interpretations within a six month period) Residents should complete their required months (4) during this time (if not already completed.

Patient Care

  • Maintain Radiation Safety and Fluoroscopy certification
  • Maintain a procedure log with fluoroscopy times (to be reviewed with PD at semiannual review)
  • Maintain BLS and ACLS certification.
  • Participate in independent evening and night float responsibilities.
  • Effectively use computer systems (PRISM, IDX, Nuance, PACS, EMSTAT).
  • Adhere to resident duty hour regulations.

Medical Knowledge

  • Participate in Brant and Helms reviews by teaching R1 residents.
  • Participate in the introduction to biomedical statistics lectures.
  • Attend RSNA meeting.
  • Maintain Moderate Sedation credentialed status.
  • Take the ACR In-training exam and score above the 50th percentile.


  • Participate in the online cultural competency curriculum.
  • Comply with institutional and departmental requirements (wear and turn in radiation badges, wear ID, etc.).
  • Regularly attend daily/weekly resident conference.
  • Maintain Resident Portfolio.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

  • Present resident conference.
  • Present at Radiology Journal Club.
  • Train R1 residents during buddy call.
  • Present project at national meeting.

Practice Based Learning and Improvement

  • Participate in monthly QI meetings.
  • Research project should be completed.
  • Present at Radiology Journal Club.
  • Prepare and present resident conference (teaching).

Systems Based Practice

  • Join local and national organizations (e.g., NYRS, ARRS, RSNA, ACR).
  • Attend RSNA meeting.
  • Participate and present at multidisciplinary conferences (e.g., radiology - pathology).
  • Participate in house staff committees.
  • Attend monthly NYRS Educational Meeting.
  • Participate in scholarly activity/research.
  • Present project at national meeting.
  • Attend practice management conferences/grand rounds.