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R1 (first year) General Program Goals & Objectives

Patient Care

  • Complete radiation and fluoroscopy training/certification quiz.
  • Complete injection credentialing.
  • Complete MRI safety training.
  • Participate in daily readout.
  • Develop skills to perform independent image interpretation.
  • Understand the requirement and purpose of the procedure log.
  • Maintain a procedure log with fluoroscopy times.
  • Maintain BLS and ACLS certification.
  • Obtain computer system logins.
  • Effectively use computer systems (PRISM, IDX, Nuance, PACS, EMSTAT).
  • Adhere to resident duty hour regulations.

Medical Knowledge

  • Attend and participate in daily radiology conferences.
  • Attend multidisciplinary conferences.
  • Participate in weekly Brant and Helms/Chief conference.
  • Take the ACR In-training exam in February and score above the 50th percentile.
  • Pass the in-house Emergency Radiology examination.
  • Pass the moderate sedation examination.
  • Participate in the introduction to biomedical statistics lectures.


  • Participate in the online cultural competency curriculum.
  • Comply with institutional and departmental requirements (wear and turn in radiation badges, dress code, wear ID, etc.).
  • Regularly attend daily/weekly resident conference.
  • Select a faculty mentor.
  • Maintain Resident Portfolio.
  • Keep CV updated. (to be reviewed with PD at semiannual review)

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

  • Review ACR communication standard
  • Review departmental critical finding policy
  • Present at Radiology Journal Club
  • Become proficient in use of Nuance voice recognition system.
  • Present resident conference (e.g., didactic, Brant and Helms)
  • Curriculum in Radiology reporting (Lanier, Sistrom and Rathe) - http://crr.medinfo.ufl.edu

Practice Based Learning and Improvement

  • Learn about the EMSTAT system, obtain EMSTAT user name/password
  • Participate in monthly QI and Morbidity and Mortality conferences
  • Consider research options.
  • Journal club presentation (evidence based medicine)

Systems Based Practice

  • Join local and national organizations (e.g., NYRS, ARRS, RSNA, ACR, ASNR, etc.).
  • Participate in house staff committees.
  • Participate and present at multidisciplinary conferences (e.g., radiology- pathology)
  • Identify potential Practice Quality Improvement (PQI) projects.
  • Attend monthly NYRS Educational Meeting
  • Participate in scholarly activity/research
  • Attend practice management conferences/grand rounds.