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Doximity Rankings (updated 10/1/2016)

The physician site Doximity, has ranked residency programs (with the help of US News and World Reports). This ranking is based on a poll of Doximity members who document they are board certified.

While Doximity records us as 72% of alums (within the last 10 years) having subspecialized (the highest in the nation), our records show that all residents have subspecialized. This probably has to do with how radiologists have entered their profiles into Doximity.

Our percentage of alums who are board certified is correctly reported as 100%. Perhaps more meaningful to applicants would be the pass rate for the Core exam. Our pass rate is 100%. See our more complete discussion on this topic.

Research output is determined by the programs h-index for alums from the past 15 years. This would depend on how many former residents publish and update their Doximity profiles.

We encourage applicants to also consider factors such as attrition rate, fellowship entrance, experience with a regional trauma center, and recent research activity.