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Community Service

Our radiology residents, attendings, and technologists serve not just our patients but other communities outside of the hospital. They have participated in projects ranging from mentoring children in after school programs to volunteering at hospitals in Africa and Haiti.  Here are a few examples of those who have participated in such activities during their time at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s-West and their inspiring stories.

Sagar Shah '19 volunteering at an inner city Bronx elementary school 
through CIR (Committee of Interns and Residents). 
"The goal was to counsel children on proper diet and non-smoking. 
I recommend it to all other residents; it was very enjoyable!"

Amit Sura '13
University of Miami Project Medishare 
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

“Visiting Haiti just six months after the earthquake devastated the country was both humbling and inspiring.  
The people possess an incredible hope that motivates you to work harder for them each day.  
With such few resources, much reliance was placed on ultrasound and fluoroscopy to make many diagnoses.  
I found myself to be a valuable resource to the multi-disciplinary approach at the hospital.  
I am looking forward to going back!”

Patricia Robberstad, MRI Supervisor MS West

East Africa Aid Foundation
Tanzania, Africa

“I recently returned from Tanzania, East Africa and the experience was phenomenal!  
The people were amazing and the work was so rewarding!  
After being there and physically seeing the challenges, I strongly encourage all of you 
to visit the foundation’s website and find ways to help!  I left Tanzania with a heavy heart. 
I met so many wonderful people and made many new friends. 
My relationship with the hospital and the people will be never ending!"

Maria Piraner '10
iMentor NYC, New York, NY

iMentor NYC is a school based mentoring program connecting high school students in one-to-one relationships with professionals in the city.  It was a wonderful experience as I shared a special relationship with my mentee. 
I shared her with her my life at the hospital and as a radiology resident and she shared me the challenges of going to high school in NYC!  I hope I can continue this when I’m an attending!"